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Welcome to the SONG Of The DAY!
A page to discover new Jam On Toast songs or delve deeper into your favourites! Add the repertoire to your playlists and programs. Find the music scores in the accompanying album Song Book. Or for some songs simply watch the video and bust out a new dance! Explore more of the music activities in the Recipe Books and access some of the brilliant Recipe Videos below for extra creativity in the music classroom! Sing, dance, play, create!

Grandpa's Garage

From the album Jam On Toast: Slice #3! A tribute to Grandpas and spending time together in the fantastical world of their garage.


It's an epic ballad of memories with a simple chorus phrase to sing repeated throughout the song as you listen to the story of each verse. Check out the score and lyrics in the SONG BOOK or create your own simplified version. Also check out Grandma's Garden from the original Jam On Toast album, plus the medley of the two songs in the YouTube clip below. Ideal for Grandparents Day performances.


Grandpa's Garage has loads of RECIPE activities to try, check out the RECIPE videos or the RECIPE BOOK for more inspiration.

PLUS check out
Grandma's Garden!

Watch video here!

Jam-Loads of Lesson Inspiration!

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