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Welcome to the SONG Of The DAY!
A page to find new Jam On Toast music with different songs explored throughout the year. Discover new songs to add to your repertoire and find them in the Song Book. Bust out a new dance from the video clip. Explore more of the instrumental activities in the Recipe Books. Access some of the brilliant Recipe Videos below for FREE! Sing, dance, play, create!


From the album Jam On Toast: Slice #3! A song about doing cartwheels, lifting your feet off the ground and seeing the world from a different point of view.


Sing with a simple 2 part voice arrangement, with call and echo phrases. Check out the SONG BOOK for the score. With a super-simple echo melody to play on xylophones or recorders.


PLUS add some improvisation with body percussion or playing on instruments! RECIPE BOOK available with great lesson ideas plus RECIPE VIDEOS below bringing the activities to life for you!

Watch video here!

Videos of Lesson Inspiration!

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