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Jam On Toast ONLINE VIDEO Collections
Annual Subscriptions!

SUBSCRIBE NOW with a simple annual fee to access all of the Jam On Toast MUSIC videos
as well as the extensive collection of creative educational RECIPE videos.
Unlimited access to stream online via Vimeo!

1. The MUSIC VIDEO Collection: AU$30 one year streaming period
Ideal for children aged 3-8, plus teachers, preschools, daycare centres, parents & carers

2. The RECIPE VIDEO Collection: AU$160 one year streaming period
Ideal for creative primary & preschool teachers plus music education specialists


The Jam On Toast MUSIC VIDEO Collection!

A huge collection of the songs from all Jamie's series of Jam On Toast albums! Over 2 hours of original music videos! Join Jamie as he sings, dances and jams to your favourite songs plus discover some new favourites with these interactive music video clips! Subscribe now to the MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION to access all the music clips in one place, streamed via Vimeo. With favourites like 'New Shoes' and 'Fabuloso' from the original Jam On Toast album, to classics like 'Mr Shadow' and 'Candle, Candle' from MORE Jam On Toast, plus discover the latest videos like 'All the Leaves Are Turning' and 'King Neptune's Message' from the album Jam On Toast: Slice #3!

The Jam On Toast RECIPE VIDEO Collection!

An extensive collection of music education videos from Jam On Toast presented by Jamie (James Madsen), the creator of the much-loved songs, dances and accompanying resource books. Follow along with Jamie as he brings a variety of music activities to life! The videos are based on a selection of songs from the Jam On Toast albums plus the creative activities in the accompanying Song Books and Recipe Books. Each song typically has a series of videos in parts to follow in sequence, with guided lessons for learning the songs with lyrics on screen, adding movement and  dance,  plus simple playing activities on percussion, xylophones and recorders. They are ideal for teachers to gather more ideas to explore the concepts of music further and add to the Jam On Toast songs. Or simply have the students follow along in the classroom and let Jamie present the lessons! For primary teachers, music specialists, as well as early childhood educators keen to add more in-depth music education to your classroom.​

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